American College of Prosthodontists

Photodynamic Disinfection of Dentinal Tubules with Low Laser (904 nm)

Speaker Forum Abstract

Maite Moreno, D.D.S., M.S.D.

This presentation describes 200 teeth treated in vivo with a novel clinical procedure and 5 year follow up. Application of basic fuccine (Markin), prophylatic fluoride paste (Viardent), ultrasound scaler and low laser of 904 nm in a new clinical objective procedure. This procedure proves to disintegrate bacteria and their toxins in dentinal tubules and surfaces, after tooth preparation, before impression making and again before final cementation. Eradication of bacteria at this stage disinfects the dentinal tubules, giving another texture to new lased dentine. This procedure also gives back the “normal” sensitivity after teeth preparation and application of restorative materials in vital teeth. In non-vital teeth this procedure is key to objectively disinfect dentinal tubules,

The use of the laser at 904 nm and 4000 Hertz for 15 seconds on every area identified by caries developer solution- basic fuccine, helped in the bacteria elimination. The application of the laser was repetitive times on the same surface at a half inch distance from the tooth. Fuccine tints bacteria- After they are disintegrated by the laser, they will not be tinted anymore.

Use of caries detector, Basic fuccsine (Markin™ 2105086 SSA y 198C94 Mexico),

• Polishing of all dental surfaces prepared with fluoride prophylactic paste and rubber cup at low speed (Viarden, SA de CV Mexico)

• Ultrasound (SONIBorden2000N, Kavo do, Brasil.) and laser 908 nm. Disinfection for 15 sec. at 4,000 Htz. (LV KTV 106 upLasertech ™ ORL, Mexico). Laser diode was placed perpendicular to the dentine tinted surface at 1.5 inch distance. The teeth were lasered as many times needed. This means that the time of exposure to each surface tooth was one minute and 15 seconds, making tinted surfaces with basic fuccine disappear.

• Temporization placed and cemented with Temp bond NE (Kerr, USA)

• Final Laser disinfection of the dentine and dis-inflammation of odontoblasts was achieved by applying 30 seconds on each tooth 904 Nm at 4000 hetz., before cementation of veneers or final placement of any other restorative materials.